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Voyages: Unchained Kitchen x Chain-Yard Urban Cidery

Voyages: Unchained Kitchen x Chain-Yard Urban Cidery

It is no secret that the North End is quickly becoming the culinary hot spot of Halifax, as more and more restaurants and bars choose to open their doors in the city’s fastest growing district. Among the new additions to the neighbourhood is Unchained Kitchen, and for only having been open a few months, they have managed to craft up quite the menu.


Featuring a slew of local classics amped up with a Southern flair, Unchained is serving up the type of tavern-style delicacies that Co-Owners Chef Lawry Deneau and Director of Operations Ryan Wolfe like to eat themselves on a night out with friends. As if that didn’t sound good enough already, each of their dishes can be paired perfectly with an adult beverage from flatmates Chain-Yard Urban Cidery. Did I mention that their entire menu can be made gluten-free, which means that along with their ciders, anyone can enjoy this restaurant, regardless of dining restrictions?


As I walk through the front doors, I am instantly met with the sight of their in-house cidery. Not only is Unchained Kitchen pumping out delicious eats, but their friends from Chain-Yard Cidery are busy pouring pints and filling growlers as the restaurant begins to fill with the dinner rush. We sit down, and are immediately greeted with a pint of their starter cider – The Foundation. At Chain-Yard Cidery, they pride themselves on serving up ciders that are low in sugar, which makes a cold glass of liquid apples a refreshing and health-conscious way to start your meal.






As I sip on my cider, I begin snacking on a basket of Coconut Curry Spice Krispies, one of Unchained Kitchen’s signature bar snacks. I have two words – mind-blowing – but there really is no other way to describe this snack. It combines everyone’s favourite cereal with a variety of nuts and seeds that are seasoned to perfection using honey and curry powder, resulting in the ideal blend of sweet and savoury.



Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I am presented with one of the most beautiful charcuterie boards I have ever seen. Simple yet sophisticated, Chef Lawry and his team have assembled some of the greatest ingredients that Nova Scotia has to offer and put them on a plate. From Ciro’s infamous Taleggio cheese to the cured Coppa from Ratinaud, this dish is everything you could possibly want in a charcuterie board, but it wouldn’t be complete without the smokey bacon jam and Unchained Kitchen’s housemade crostini. I would be lying if I said I haven’t gone back at least two times since this visit just to have it again.




For our last dish, Chef Lawry’s Southern flare definitely comes through in the Chesapeake Soft-shell Clam & Cheddar Bake. This hearty dish features some of Digby’s finest hand-dug clams, served atop a bed of garlic roasted cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, and housemade croutons all coated in a layer of cheesy goodness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Cheese and seafood? That shouldn’t work! And I agree, but the alder-smoked bacon, coupled with bright cherry tomatoes makes for a perfect base to enjoy with the fresh clams.


At Unchained Kitchen, the philosophy is simple – “serve up the kind of food you would want to enjoy while you’re drinking with friends.” Whether you’re looking for something to snack on, or want to indulge in one of their hearty entrees, Unchained Kitchen is showing the city what it truly means to serve comfort food with an upscale twist. And don’t forget about the cider!




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