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Voyages: The Anchor

Voyages: The Anchor

Making my way up the street where Dutch Village Rd snakes east towards Joseph Howe, I stumble upon The Anchor. Tucked away alongside the Fairview outpost of Freeman’s Pizza just minutes from downtown Halifax, co-owners Chef Richard Julien and Troy Arseneault have been working hard to bring new life to Fairview’s bar scene with this latest venture.


Warm and inviting, The Anchor is sure to please. As soon as I open the door, I am met with a beautifully illuminated bar. With all the comforts of your favourite neighbourhood watering hole, the plush seating and warm candlelight glow make it the ideal place to enjoy a gourmet meal. Right off the bat, I am greeted by the happy chatter of people eagerly sharing stories over drinks. From one glance behind the bar, I can tell I’ve come to the right place to unwind after a busy week. I take my seat and in no time at all have a drink in my hand.


I start the night off with two lovely cocktails: the Wallflower and the Thai Caesar. A beautiful mix of citrus, elderflower, and fresh herbs, the Wallflower brings me right back to summers spent sipping lemonade on a patio.


For my next cocktail, I decide to kick it up a notch with the infamous Thai Caesar. If you’ve ever sat nursing your hangover at brunch and thought to yourself “hey, I could use a little spice in my life,” then this one’s for you! Not for the faint of heart, this exotic rendition of Canada’s favourite hangover helper brings the heat with its perfect blend of sriracha, soy and fish sauce.


Cocktail in hand, I dig into my first dish, the Arancini. For those of you who don’t know, Arancini are basically balls of deep fried rice stuffed with cheesy goodness. In this version, they come nestled on top of a warm bacon pesto. The fried risotto provides a perfect crust to envelop the bocconcini cheese, while the bacon pesto adds a beautiful smokey flavour that balances out the richness of the Arancini.


Next up is the fan favourite, the HFX Donair Ravioli. Now, before I go on, I must tell you – this is not the same donair you will find down on Pizza Corner, not even close. These crispy wrappers filled with a perfectly spiced blend of lamb and veal are a sophisticated take on the post-bar classic. Topped with caramelized onions, sweet garlic sauce, and a fresh tomato relish, the HFX Donair Ravioli injects an inspiring dose of creativity into a Haligonian favourite.


To end the night, I indulge in the much anticipated Duck Confit Pizza. This final dish is the epitome of high end bar food, as it combines a perfect pizza crust with delicate and rich confited duck. These rich flavours are then amplified further by a beautiful house-smoked sour cream, which when drizzled across the pizza takes this dish to a whole other level. In place of a traditional tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes provide a sharp burst of flavour with every bite, which leaves me wanting to go back for more and more.


As if the incredible food and drinks weren’t enough, The Anchor has live entertainment several nights a week! Sure to keep you rocking all night long, the intimate stage provides the ultimate backdrop for a night of wining and dining with friends.


Whether you’re looking to grab drinks, enjoy some delicious food with friends, or catch a live show, The Anchor has something for everyone!




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