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Voyages: Station Six Food & Drink

Voyages: Station Six Food & Drink

Today I’m at Station Six Food & Drink in Spryfield to taste a few items off their new spring menu.

The first thing I notice when I enter the restaurant is that the space has a rustic look to it — brick and wood as the theme — a very industrial feel in a welcoming environment. As I take my seat, I watch curiously as a fire truck pulls out from the station next door.

Stephanie Cheverie, who is the restaurant’s head chef, tells us that Station Six was created by three local men: Chris Driscoll, Gord Dickie, and Kinnon Kendziora, who came together with the goal of making a space where their community could come for a good meal in their own area. Stephanie explains “We started this in 2016, we opened on November 15th, and it has taken off. The neighbourhood has been so responsive, they are very supportive. It’s such a good feel around here, everybody knows everybody, and are ready to help each other, it’s a really nice place to be, for sure.”

Stephanie tells us her aim is to source locally, going to the market as often as possible— and the new menu exhibits just that. Aside from the chicken burger, which was a huge hit from the winter menu, everything we’ll be trying today is brand new for spring.

As a quick shareable before we dig into our mains, we try the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings, pouring soy sauce over them on every bite. This dish is a very easy, light way to start the meal.

Next, the first main from the new menu arrives. The Pork Meatball Banh Mi consists of meatballs topped with carrot, cucumber, daikon slaw, and spicy mayo on a garlic baguette. The Banh Mi, which is Stephanie’s favourite new item, is a very flavourful dish, with the fresh veggies contrasting the spice-hinted pork.

As a lighter and healthier choice, we try the Bruschetta Chicken Spaghettini next. Olive oil, basil, arugula, feta, and bruschetta mixed into a generous portion of spaghettini topped with grilled chicken, is Stephanie’s primary health conscious item on the new menu. She explains “The spaghettini is one of our lighter, healthier options. I really want to make sure that we have health conscious options; we do vegetarian and gluten free; I’m always willing to accommodate for people with dietary restrictions. It’s very important that no matter what your restrictions are, you can still go out to eat, and enjoy a good meal.”

Lastly, the famous Firehouse Chicken Burger arrives, which is by far our favourite menu item. The patty is a buttermilk fried chicken breast, with havarti cheese, bacon, red onion, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce with roasted garlic aioli, ranch, and The Halifax Honey Company’s Stingin’ Hot Honey. Even with so many sauces, the burger isn’t sloppy, and the portion isn’t overwhelming. With a mixture of sweetness from the honey and saltiness from the bacon, the Firehouse Chicken Burger is balanced enough for any burger lover.

Aside from fresh local food, Station Six also has a bar with 6 craft beers on tap, with local taps rotating every 2 weeks. If beer isn’t your thing, the restaurant is in the middle of revamping their cocktail menu, curating new drink options specifically for the summer. Did someone say patio drinks? They have one of those too.

Whether you’re from the community, or are simply seeking a healthy, delicious meal in a laidback setting, Station Six is a hidden gem in the Spryfield area you must try. If you’re lucky and come for a visit at night, you can watch as the fire trucks from the neighbouring station leave, lighting the whole restaurant with their heroic red sirens.