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Voyages: Scanway Bakery + Café

Voyages: Scanway Bakery + Café

Stepping into Scanway Bakery + Café, alive with the sounds of people chatting excitedly in languages from around the globe, I feel like I could be in any of the great cities of the world. As the sunlight washes over every inch of the exposed brick room, I know that I have found the perfect spot to escape the Halifax cold. With the smell of freshly baked bread hovering in the air, I am greeted by their smiling staff who are quick to make sure that I have a warm drink in hand while I pour over the menu.



As I sip on my Cinnamon Bun Latte, one of Scanway’s signature drinks, I watch as construction workers, businesswomen and students alike take refuge in the warmth of the café. I will admit, my drink of choice is usually just a plain ol’ cup of joe, but with every sip I take of this delicious concoction, I become more of a latte convert. Don’t be fooled – this drink tastes nothing like those sickly sweet cinnamon buns you pass by in the mall. The rich espresso cuts through the cinnamon sugared frosting to create a beautifully balanced cup of coffee, perfect for your afternoon pick-me-up.


I find myself struggling to choose just one of their gourmet sandwiches, but in the end I go with today’s ‘Sandwich of the Day,’’ the Pickle-Brined Fried Chicken Sandwich. Resting between a rich housemade bun is perhaps the most perfectly cooked piece of fried chicken that I have ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth – I’m talking melt-in-your-mouth tender. Topped with a creamy cabbage slaw and a few pickles for good measure, I can instantly tell that this one is going to be a winner. As I take my first bite, I am overcome by the rich flavours and textures of this sandwich. The tangy crunch from the slaw coupled with the crispy fried chicken makes for one heck of a first bite and the housemade sriracha mayo lends the sandwich a perfect amount of spice to help cut through the richness. Let me tell you – this sandwich tastes even better than it sounds, which is a feat in and of itself because it sounds pretty goddamn good!



Just when I begin to think I cannot eat anymore, the wonderful staff at Scanway bring out one of their specialty baked goods, The Princess Martha Raspberry Torte. This light and airy cake is the perfect way to finish a meal or simply satisfy a craving for something sweet. Layers of raspberry mousse, whipped cream, and delicate sheets of cake make this treat truly special. Not too sweet and not too fruity, like everything else at Scanway this cake is perfectly balanced.


Whether you are out for a day on the town or are just looking to grab a quick bite to eat on your lunch break, Scanway Bakery + Café has you covered! This family-owned café has been proudly serving Haligonians for years and between their coffees, pastries, sandwiches, and wildly popular dough’ssants, they are sure to have something to cater to all of your desires.




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