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Voyages: Robie St. Station

Voyages: Robie St. Station

If you find yourself in constant pursuit of the ultimate brunch, then your search officially ends here. Kayleigh Burns and Heman Lee’s Robie St. Station is not only serving up some of the most interesting and creative breakfast plates in the city, they also do a mean lunch. From their Turkish inspired poached egg cilbir to their spicy gochujang topped bi bim bap burger and everything in between, Robie St. Station is making waves in the Halifax culinary scene, and for good reason.

After waking up in less than prime condition on a crisp fall Saturday morning, the first thing that runs through my mind is what type of food is most likely to cure my aching body from the previous nights’ mistakes. My mind immediately turns to Asian food. Something fresh, crunchy and enthusiastically spiced is preferred. It’s before noon and I know that my roommates are probably thinking the same thing from their respective hideouts. A thought crosses my mind, and I realize it’s time to rally the troops and head on out to the station, and time is of the essence.

Since it’s brunch after all, I start my cleansing process with dessert first – Robie St. Station’s legendary pistachio milkshake, a super thick concoction laced with crunchy chunks of vanilla-saturated pistachio. I feel an immediate sense of relief as the classic frozen beverage cools my swollen brain down and brings me back to my childhood, sipping milkshakes with my older brother at the local burger joint in our neighbourhood. I take a few long draws on my straw and I am feeling better already, but I know that the best part of the meal is yet to come.


My eyes begin to glaze over as my friendly and attentive server places the vibrant Banh Mi Bowl in front of me. I’ve ordered the spiced pork belly on top, and the smell of fresh cilantro and fried meat has an intoxicating effect on me as I take my first few bites. The flavours are lively, herbaceous, bright and complex, and work together perfectly to create a truly memorable dish.

IMG_0880 (1)

I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my morning. While the rest of my college buddies are likely still bedridden, I take solace in the fact that I am enjoying a little taste of Vietnam right here in Halifax. Life is good.



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