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Voyages – Rasa: Flavours of India

Voyages – Rasa: Flavours of India

The idea for Rasa: Flavours of India first emerged last summer when 21-year-old SMU student Deeksha Bhaskar’s parents traveled from Dubai to visit her in Halifax and found it almost impossible to find a restaurant that served authentic Indian food.

Having been in and around the food business for as long as Deeksha can remember, the family’s choice to create an Indian restaurant came naturally to them.

Rasa looks “to provide an authentic Indian experience to our customers in terms of both food and quality, as we have experienced in our home country” Deeksha tells us. “We wanted to create an environment that our guests feel comfortable and welcomed in, while making sure that it included elements from the Indian culture.”

Deeksha has a refreshing outlook on food quality; that the experience of a meal isn’t only about the taste in the moment, but how you feel once you’ve finished eating.

She tells us how their goal is to source locally, explaining “The only products that we source from overseas are the spices that are not produced in Canada and have to be exported from South East Asia by local suppliers. We try to source locally to ensure the freshness of the products we use to make our food and drinks, and to support other local businesses. All the sauces and dishes that we serve are made in-house by our highly experienced staff.”