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Voyages: Patrons 902

Voyages: Patrons 902

We’re all guilty of it – when we find an area of the city we enjoy eating in, we tend to stick with what we know. That’s why here at The Starving Sailor, we are always looking to showcase the incredible culinary talent that continues to pop up around all of Halifax – not just the peninsula.

This is what has led us all the way to Larry Uteck, to experience the latest in modern fusion food at Patrons 902. With Halifamous Chef Luis Clavel at the helm, Patrons 902 recently underwent a major rebranding, as they sought to move away from simply being a restaurant frequented by avid golfers, to an upscale Asian Fusion restaurant. Affordable yet luxurious, Patrons 902 is combining the very best of Asian and Latin inspired dishes with a focus on high-quality, local ingredients.

Despite the restaurant’s upscale atmosphere, Patrons has quickly become a place for families and friends alike to gather, as they spend hours chatting and passing their plates around, being sure that everyone has had a chance to enjoy each dish. This is reflected in their menu, as they offer Dim Sum style meals where you can pick and choose an eclectic mix of fusion dishes.

I am not going to lie – picking just three dishes to try is an almost impossible task. Our first dish, the Study of Tempura, features sustainably caught crab used to create a delicious hoisin broth on which the tempura is served. The tempura itself offers a mix of five different vegetables, battered and fried in a light and fluffy tempura batter, and dusted with Chef Clavel’s signature black truffle powder. If you are new to the world of Asian Fusion food or are simply looking for the perfect way to start your meal then the Study of Tempura is for you!

Our next dish brings a whole new meaning to ‘Surf and turf,’ as Chef Clavel combines fresh seared Yellowfin Tuna with his unique take on a latin classic – the churro. While churros are typically a sweet pastry formed out of fried dough, Chef Clavel is stepping outside the box with his savoury cumin churros. Seasoned to perfection, these seared Yellowfin Tuna Churros are paired perfectly with both the housemade chilli puree and their sweet yuzu marmalade, as each and every bite is jam-packed with flavour.

Our last dish is perhaps the epitome of Patrons 902’s fusion food, as the Asian Prawn Tostada brings together the very best of Asian and Latin flavours. A mixture of grilled prawns and pickled asian slaw is layered atop a house made tostada, and drizzled with a smoky jalapeno sauce that is sure to impress even the most seasoned hot sauce aficionados in Halifax.

An absolute must-try restaurant, Patrons 902 is breathing new life into their suburban surroundings. Their eclectic menu brings home their motto ‘fusion, without the confusion,’ as they continue to bring new and exciting flavours to Halifax’s culinary scene.