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Voyages: The Nook on Gottingen

Voyages: The Nook on Gottingen

Today’s voyage takes me to The Nook on Gottingen, a north end coffee shop and eatery that has been doing their thing for quite some time now.

Upon walking inside, I see weathered wood paneling, a deep collection of plants, and countless other Instagram-worthy features, and I instantly catch some good vibes. From a curtained off booth you are sure to get cozy in, to a windowside high counter perfect for enjoying a quick cup of coffee, there are plenty of seating options to cater to your preferences. The appeal of this place is immediately apparent – it’s relaxed, it’s happy, and most importantly, it’s really well put together. I’m early so I’m greeted with coffee and conversation, but the dishes will come out soon, I’m told.

The Nook-5-min-min

The Nook-2-min

The Nook-min

The first of the dishes is the Holy Goat bagel sandwich ($6.99). A sesame seed-riddled East Coast Bakery bagel comes stuffed with a trinity of roasted garlic goat cheese butter, bruschetta, and spinach. The hole of the bagel is punctuated with a splash of bruschetta and two orange slices sit neatly next to the sandwich to add a little colour to the plate. A solid crunch rewarded with an oozing zest starts things off. Another bite and nothing changes – still the same kaleidoscope of fresh and zesty ingredients anchored by the bagel. After the excitement of the initial bites subside, the creaminess of the goat cheese emerges and is quickly accented by the bruschetta, a dance of the two in tandem on your taste buds. And lastly, the orange slices provide a little palate cleanser at the tail end of this dish to wrap up the whole experience.

The Nook-11-min

The Nook-12-min

Up next is the Smoked Salmon Bagel ($8.99). Exactly as the name suggests, it’s got smoked salmon from Ratinaud, but also fresh cucumber and lemon-dill cream cheese served open-faced on an East Coast Bakery plain bagel. Biting into the bagel, the smoky cured salmon is the first thing you notice but that soon vanishes when you get a taste of the lemon-dill cream cheese. The contrast of flavours is strong but not overpowering, in fact it’s light and pleasing. The bagel serves as the perfect vehicle for the toppings and the cucumber lends a freshness while introducing a completely different, crunchy texture in your bite. Add a splash of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of dill towards the end to reset things and I’m all set for the next dish.

The Nook-21 (1)-min

The Nook-8 (1)-min

The Beets and Rhymes ($7.99) is a wrap, and a really punny one at that (A+ for creativity on the name, Nook). Balsamic beet relish, spinach, hard-boiled egg, green onion, and sour cream, all on a whole wheat wrap. Before I take a bite, I think it’s important to preface this dish with the fact that I am not a beet person, heck, I’m still getting friendly with most of the vegetables in the book. But I take a bite and instantly realize the error of my ways – I never expected them to taste this good. I really jam with their balsamic beet relish. It’s the key flavour in this dish, but the spinach and the hardboiled egg are not quick to be forgotten and take their turn in the spotlight with each bite. The hardboiled egg and then the beet relish, followed by the sour cream. The pickle on the side acts as the cherry on top and ties it all up neatly with a little tangy punch.

The Nook-15-min

The last dish I’m served today is a spinach salad with balsamic roasted beets, candied pecans, sliced red onions, sunflower seeds, and goat cheese tossed in honey vinaigrette called the Beet Around The Bush ($9.99). Here’s another beet dish, and this time, I’m not apprehensive towards digging in – there are ingredients here that just can’t be ignored. The goat cheese and the candied pecans offer a true juxtaposition of flavours. Earthy and sweet interlock with richness to add a new dimension to this salad. While there are a lot of sweet notes from the candied pecans and the honey vinaigrette, they get leveled by the pungent red onions and the creamy but neutral goat cheese. There’s a lot of flavour to unpack and with every bite comes a brand new fusion of taste.

The Nook-16 (2)-min

The Nook-20 (1)-min

Leaving the Nook, we all agree that we feel extremely refreshed. Not just because of the quality of the food, but also because of the experience you get. The warm atmosphere of the space tied in with the friendly hospitality from the Nook team all add up to create a winner of a destination. It’s fair to say that we’ll be looking for any reason to come back here soon.

The Nook-23-min

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