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Voyages: Lock & Key Supper Club – Common Roots Pop-Up Brunch

Voyages: Lock & Key Supper Club – Common Roots Pop-Up Brunch

When I first heard that there was a ‘Secret Supper Club’ coming to Halifax, I could not help but be reminded of the allure and secrecy that came with 1920’s speakeasies. Undisclosed locations, delicious cocktails, and mysterious hosts – what more could you dream of?

This excitement is exactly what Lock & Key wanted to bring to Halifax’s culinary scene as they began hosting pop-up events around the city. Each with a different theme, these events continue to bring together complete strangers who share a common passion for delicious local food. Today, I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend Lock & Key’s Common Roots Pop-Up Brunch.

An entirely plant-based brunch, this event brings together fresh hand-picked produce from our city’s very own Common Roots Urban Farm with two of Halifax’s most innovative chefs. By using hyper-local ingredients, the culinary team behind Lock & Key are able to create a beautiful vegan feast that highlights the very best in plant-based cooking.

As I run through the streets of Downtown Halifax trying to escape the pouring rain, I find myself on the doorstep of Blue Apples Art & Wellness Centre, where the pop-up brunch is being held. The smell of fresh bagels emanates from the open balcony above, so I know I have arrived at the right place, and am welcomed by an incredible spread of food. An assortment of olives topped with fresh oranges and cumin make for the perfect appetizer to snack on while I enjoy my caesar, served in a vintage tea cup.

As all the guests take their seats around the table, I begin to chat with others around me. From grad students to food bloggers, we have all been brought together to share in an intimate celebration of the food our community has to offer. As we chat, we continue to pass around the shared dishes until everyone has had a chance to try some of everything. Although it is not your traditional brunch food, I cannot get enough of the vegan potato salad. Topped with fresh chives and sweet corn, the hearty potato salad perfectly complements the earthy flavours in each of the other dishes.

As it is nearing the end of summer, the watermelon and strawberry salad is incredibly flavourful. The lime ponzu and pickled ginger cuts through the sweetness of the fruit, making for a crisp and refreshing appetizer to start the meal.

Next up, is the platter of fresh bagels and vegan lox. Now I know what you’re thinking – how could someone possibly make a vegan version of smoked salmon? This is where the innovation of plant-based cooking comes in. By recreating the flavours, textures and even the visuals components of a particular dish, they are able to create something that satisfies the same senses. This is exactly what Lock & Key has accomplished with their Beet Lox. Their fresh bagels are topped with the salty, smoky beets, and sprinkled with capers.

Once we have finished the shared plates, it is time for the main course – biscuits and gravy. Something you may not know about me is that I will do pretty much anything for fresh biscuits. Paired with fried mushrooms, charred leeks and a rich vegan gravy, Lock & Key has just served me what might be my favourite biscuits in Halifax.

If you ever have the chance to attend one of Lock & Key’s events – do not pass it up. The friendly company, gourmet food, and delicious drinks make for a meal to remember! Be sure to follow along with their Instagram, as that is the only way to find out when they are hosting their next secret event. If plant-based food isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Lock & Key changes up both the theme and the menu for each of their events, so you’re guaranteed to find something that satisfies each and every palate.