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Voyages: Dilly Dally Eats

Voyages: Dilly Dally Eats

It’s no secret – Quinpool Road has been in need of a great coffee shop for quite some time now. When Laura Draeger set out to open Dilly Dally Eats in June 2016, she had a vision – to bring fresh, local food to the neighbourhood. Inspired by her travels through Barcelona, Laura saw an opportunity to turn the former Second Cup space into a bright, inviting hub for the community to gather over delicious drinks and fresh food.

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As I enter the little cafe on the corner of Quinpool and Vernon, their energetic staff, eager to start me off with one of their delicious drinks, greets me. I settle into my seat as award-winning barista, Jeremy Waterman, prepares my Golden Milk Latte. I must say, I am usually an iced-coffee kind of girl, but I cannot help myself from trying this beautifully spiced latte. Not only does this drink feature a perfect blend of spices, but it is also made with one of the world’s great superfoods – turmeric. That’s right – you can enjoy your daily dose of caffeine while enjoying all the health benefits this potent root has to offer. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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If you’re looking to enjoy something sweet with your coffee, Dilly Dally has an incredible array of fresh baked goods available, with their selection changing every day. Happen to stumble across their flaky Banana Butterscotch Scones? This one is a definite must-try. Even our photographer, Tibor Kovacs, has been known to make the trip to Dilly Dally at least once a week in search of this perfect pastry – it’s that good.


While I continue to savour every sip of my Golden Milk Latte, I dig into the Sunshine Yogurt Sundae. I must say, this is perhaps the most beautiful breakfast I have ever laid my eyes on. Served in a decorative glass, the Greek yogurt is topped with their housemade pumpkin spiced granola, an assortment of fresh citrus, and comes topped with pearls of fresh lemon curd. With every bite I take, I am amazed at how light, yet filling this dish is. If you are looking for a refreshing way to start your day, this is definitely the breakfast for you!

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If you’re looking for a heartier breakfast, Dilly Dally also has you covered. Known simply as “The Toast”, this is by far some of the best avocado toast we have ever seen. Their secret? A sweet tomato jam and housemade pickled vegetables make this classic dish extraordinary.

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Even if you’re not a breakfast fan, have no fear! Dilly Dally’s lunch menu offers a variety of delicious dishes to keep you fuelled all day long. The Goodness Bowl features a mixture of seasonal vegetables, roasted to perfection and placed atop a bed of quinoa. Drizzled with their housemade apple vinaigrette, this dish is bursting with flavour in each and every bite.

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It is not often that you find such an incredible menu of food at a local coffee shop, but thanks to Chef Ray’s love of bold flavours and fresh ingredients, Dilly Dally has become more than just a cafe. Less than a year old, this neighbourhood gem is only just getting started. Between their yoga classes and live music nights, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to grab a fresh cup o’ joe, or sit down to enjoy a delicious meal, Laura Draeger and her team have you covered!


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