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#HFXBurgerWeek 2018 – Official Burger Round-Up

#HFXBurgerWeek 2018 – Official Burger Round-Up

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that every Haligonian’s favourite week of the year – #HFXBurgerWeek – has officially concluded, and with that, we have put together a list of our favourite burgers from this year’s line-up complete with names, prices, and descriptions. For those that didn’t manage to get their hands on one of the juicy bundles of meat we all love so much, this is your chance to live vicariously through us. If you did, here are some more photos to get you prepared for next year’s festivities. Enjoy!

Bluenose II Restaurant

The Bluenose Burger ($7.00) is two homemade beef patties topped with sizzlin’ bacon, cheddar, fried onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickles served on a sesame bun.

For their first year in Burger Week, the Bluenose II Restaurant went with a version of their famous Bluenose Burger – a double stacked, classic burger composition that can best be described as big, juicy, and traditional, or “tradish” as GM Evalin Carvalho likes to say. A Halifax landmark since 1964, this joint is a classic Maritime favourite.

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS

The British Bulldog Gastropub

The Tikka Masala Burger ($7.00) is a 5 oz certified Angus beef patty topped with house famous tikka masala sauce, pepperonata, feta, red curry yogurt, and arugula on a freshly toasted sesame bun.

An entirely off the menu creation, British-inspired curry ingredients tie it all together, courtesy of the new chef and re-branding taking place in the kitchen. For those with a love for textured foods, this burg has a great mouthfeel. Served with style on a beautiful wooden board, the motto of the food is “English influence with a twist.”

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS

The Carleton

The Banh Mi Style Burger ($10.00) is a seared ground pork burger stuffed with braised pork belly (24hr sous vide), and topped with house kimchi, toasted sesame aioli, fresh cilantro, and pickled radish.

This is a great example of Chef Michael Dolente’s dedication to his craft especially when considering how much prep time is involved. Even for a dish as humble as the hamburger, attention to detail, quality, and care are of the utmost importance. The bun is firm and keeps the burger compact and easy to devour. Flavours and layers are stacked to perfection, and the patty is so juicy, it just melts in your mouth.

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS

Durty Nelly’s

The Gaelic Steak Burger ($16.00 including fries) is a Windsor, NS ground beef patty topped with double smoked bacon, Jameson whiskey peppercorn sauce, fried onions & mushrooms, shoestring potatoes, and horseradish grainy mustard aioli on a sesame seed bun.

Based on traditional gaelic steak dinners, this hot mess is smoky, crispy, and huge. The thick-cut bacon and thin crunchy potatoes really balance each other out, and the peppercorn sauce, inspired by classic Irish whiskey sauce adds a unique flavour to this beast of a burger. For those who missed out during Burger Week, it will be on the menu all next week as well.

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS

The Barrington – Steakhouse & Oyster Bar

The Carnival Burger ($16.00 including fries) is an Atlantic beef patty topped with ketchup & mustard, white cheddar, onion rings, and slow cooked beef chili served on a sesame seed bun and speared with a pogo.

This greasy and fun eating mouthful of a burger is named after and inspired by the theme of carnivals and amusement parks. When the chefs got in the kitchen to come up with a concept, wacky outrageous ideas were thrown around until this one was born. With size, effort, and quality all playing a part, the presentation is top-notch and equally as considerate as both the name and combination of ingredients. The huge pile of skinny but uber-crunchy fries are also a highlight.

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS


enVie – A Vegan Kitchen

The Pepper Don’t Preach ($15.00 including a side) is a house-made seitan patty, topped with roasted red pepper havarti cheeze, enVie ranch sauce, crispy onion strings, sweet n’ spicy relish, and greens on a 24 Carrots Bakery bun. The burger is served with a mixed green salad and maple dijon vinaigrette but the side can be swapped for an extra $1.50.

For those plant-powered peeps, this option is vegan, vegetarian, and can be made gluten free by subbing in a bun from Odell’s for an extra $1.50. The relish, cashew-based cheeze, and soy-based dill ranch sauce are all made from scratch. Overall, the burger is juicy, large, crunchy, tangy, and sweet, with the sweetness coming from the patty and the sweet and spicy relish. A unique creation dreamed up just for Burger Week, this dish was refined through strategic planning and lessons learned from previous Burger Week experiences.

According to Owner/Operator Cory Urquhart, it takes months of planning to perfect the consistency of the burger patty. The seitan patty is time-consuming to prep and enVie faces unique challenges in supplying for bulk burgers with unique vegan and house-made ingredients. When asked how burger week has been so far, Cory summed it up with the profound words “too blessed to be stressed.”

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS

Bubba Ray’s Too

The Fat Boy Burger ($8.00) is a 6 oz never frozen Alberta beef patty topped with real Montreal smoked meat, swiss cheese, house made slaw, and thousand island dressing on a garlic seasoned butter steak bun. Fries can be added for an extra $2.99.

With a southern influence in mind, Montreal-style smoked meat is used in place of Louisiana BBQ for this messy and flavourful home-style burger. Totally new and different from anything on the menu, the steak bun is inspired by how the owner and his dad used to make burgers growing up.

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS


The BOOMerang ($8.99) is a fresh Oulton’s beef patty topped with house-made BBQ mayo, red onion, Lucky Fox Cajun Buffalo Chips, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, and COWS extra old cheddar cheese on a toasted sesame bun.

With a sweet and smoky taste, crunch from the chips, and layers of various BBQ flavors, it’s no wonder that Boomburger had sold over 1,600 of these badboys by the time I left on Monday night (they estimated 2,250 by the end of burger week). With lines out the door and two staff on cash at a time, this year’s burger week was definitely one for the books. Fun fact:  last year’s burger week burger (The Foxy Dill) is still on the menu and they sell 10 a day at that location to this day. For those that missed out this week, the burger will be available throughout the weekend.

*This burger has a $1 donation to Feed NS

Well, there you have it folks – another #HFXBurgerWeek has come and gone, and for us at The Starving Sailor, that means moving on to whatever mouth-watering journeys call our name next. And while exploring the best eats Canada has to offer keeps keeps us going each and every day, there is always a special place in our hearts for a salty, juicy, beef patty wrapped up between two fluffy pillows of buttery burger bun. Adios and may you always #StayHungry!